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Straight Guy Tricked Into Blowjob By A Guy In The Glory Hole

muscular gay blowjob gloryhole

Today is a hunk needing the gloryhole that he’s heard all about. Only thing he hasn’t heard is that it is a guy that sucks you off, not the pretty missy showing her face through the glory hole. So he gets stiff, shoves his cock in, and with a tiny bit persuading from the girl’s voice, completely thinks the dude blowing his dick is her. Another gay guy blows a straight bloke and he enjoys it


Straight Bait Gets A Gay Blowjob In The Glory Hole

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So today my homies, I met up with a dude named Seth who when I spoke to him was real excited about going to my well known glory hole, lol. When I met up with him he appeared slightly nervous but really happy to do this. So I show him where to go and he actually jumped into action wasting almost no time, lmfao. The expression on his face were priceless, especially when he did his patent Elvis voice. This dude utterly figured he was getting the ultimate head from some pretty huge boobies lass that enjoys meat. This one here is undoubtedly funny all the way till the end, lol


Pictures from the Gay Glory Hole

gay gloryhole pictures

I sincerely hope you like my top 12 pictures of the hot gay glory hole blowjob action at UnGloryHole– where we trick horny unsuspecting straight guys into thinking their getting their cocks sucked by hot babes but in reality it’s cum-hungry gay boys on their knees on the other side of the wall! Check out the galleries and see what you think- you’re gonna love this shit as much as I do! If free porn videos of gay blowjobs are more your thing, fear not! Just scroll down and watch them all! I got more than a half-hour of gay glory hole porn here for you to enjoy so don’t wait a minute longer! Click here and JOIN NOW!

Jackson Gets Tricked into a GAY BLOW JOB!

best gay blowjob gloryhole

best gay blowjob gloryhole 2

Sometimes in these videos here, it’s revealed to the guy who just got his cock sucked by a homo at a glory hole that it was indeed a dude who had his dick in his mouth. But not today- Jackson let our boy Zac clamp down on his cock like it was a motherfucking snorkel, hoovering that meatpipe til Jackson shot a hot load of cum deep into hsi throat and we never told him a thing about the fact that his buddy Steve tricked him into checking out the UnGloryHole! What a motherfucking chump- man! All he could talk about was how he just got the best blowjob EVER from this smoking hot chick at a glory hole- he never even knew it was a GAY gloryhole!

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Another Gay Blow Job at the UnGloryHole

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I tell ya what- this is the kind of shit that just never gets old- tricking dumb horny straight guys into getting blow jobs at the gay gloryhole by making them think it’s a hot babe behind the wall waiting to gobble down their cocks instead of a cum-hungry dude who gets off not only sucking these chumps off, but totally punking them! We’re talking about guys who would never even THINK about doing any kind of gay shit, but offer them a free blowjob from a sexy chick and their pants drop so fast you won’t even believe it. If only they knew whose mouths they were cumming in…. But that wouldn’t be any fun, would it?!?!?

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Gay gloryhole revenge!!!

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There ain’t too many better ways to get even with a buddy for fucking your ex-girlfriend than tricking his punk ass in to getting a blowjob at the local gay gloryhole! That’s EXACTLY what Johnny did to Mitch in today’s video update- you GOTTA check this one out because you’re gonna fucking LOVE it! Little does Mitch know the hot mouth and warm lips wrapped around his cock on the other side of the glory hole at the porn shop belong to a fucking gay guy! HAHAHA!!!

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Guy Gets a Gay Blowjob At the GloryHole

Sean Gets a Gay Blowjob At the GloryHole

When it comes, or should I saw cums, to tricking stupid horny straight guys into stuffing their dicks through our gay glory hole for a free blowjob, there is no more dynamic duo than Steve and Alex! Steve scouts out the suckers shopping for shit in the sex store, and Alex is the guy on his knees behind the wall anxiously awaiting a big fat cock to poke it’s way through the gay gloryhole so he can suck and suck til it cums all over him. Sean was the chump-du-jour, the thought of some hot brunette babe with big tits giving him a nice throatjob for free was too much for him to resist and he immediately took the bait. And Alex took him to heaven!

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19 year old naive college boy gay gloryhole sex

gay gloryhole sex

So this week my friends I got a brand new victim for you at the Unglory Hole. Meet Tucker a 19 year old naive college boy who enjoys riding the bus and apparently getting blowjobs from hot women through holes in sex booths. What Tucker doesn’t know is that we’ve secretly replaced the hot girl for a guy. Yes my friends all I have to say is I love naive college boys looking for free blowjobs cause as we all know everything has it’s price…hahahahaha!

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Guy from Texas got a killer BlowJob Just not from who he expected

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So this week we found this kid Jake. He responded to one of our internet ads. Jake is from Texas and he was fresh of the jet and still wet behind the ears. He was a bit skeptical when he showed up but I convinced him everything would be okay. From there we went in the back room. He dropped his pants and got a killer BlowJob. Just not from who he expected. He still has no idea. I’m guessing he will soon!

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